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What is iConnect?

What is VietinBank iConnect?

VietinBank iConnect is Open Banking framework, which allow the bank to share data and and banking service to partners with the consent from customers.

Partners can try APIs right on the developer portal and integrate APIs from web and mobile applications on the Sandbox environment before providing services to customers.

VietinBank iConnect also provide dedicated APIs for enterprise partners for integrating ERP systems with VietinBank.

Data security


VietinBank always ask customers to consent before the third parties' applications can access their data in VietinBank via the API. Customers have full controls to grant or remove the access from all third parties applications anytime, anywhere.

VietinBank adopt industry standards such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect to authenticate and authorize customers, along with OTP to protect customer data.

To ensure maximum securty and data protection, all APIs are tested with penetration test periodically and comply with security standards like REST, OWASP.

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Featured APIs

Choose API from the list and follow the guide from specification documentation to access data and service from VietinBank


Account / Card Openning, Saving, Loan Registration, Financial Management in VietinBank

Cash flow management

Collection, Disbursement on demand, ERP integration with VietinBank


Bill payment, Remittance, Online Payment, QRPay, POS integration with VietinBank.


E-Wallet and Bank account connection, Cashin, Cashout, Money transfer via E-Wallet with VietinBank

Featured Partners

grab logo

eKYC and online Loan approvement

momo logo

E-Wallet cashin, cashout

airpay logo

Bill payment

vinid logo

Payment via bank account

Registration steps

registration step 1

Step 1

Register account

registration step 2

Step 2

Create application

registration step 3

Step 3

Integrate and test

registration step 4

Step 4

Request to golive

registration step 5

Step 5

Retrieve production environment info

registration step 6

Step 6